"In love dengan cleanser & water cream dari Bae Hanna ni . Cleanser Bae Hanna ternyata boleh membersihkan makeup dari wajah dan membuatkan kulit wajah tampak segar dan bersih sebersihnya ! Dalam pada masa yang sama , ia dapat mengimbangkan paras pH kulit."

Noor Diana

"Water cream sangat best sebab ia dapat mengawal minyak pada wajah dan tidak berkilat. Kulit terasa lembut dan tidak melekit."


"The cleanser is super gentle. Feels nice and doesn't strip the skin. Major love!"

Syuhada Abbas

"Keeping skin smooth and moisturized and reduction in pore size over time."


"Kampung Girl featuring Bae Hanna Self Sanitizing Anti-microbial Face Mask."

Nik Nazirah

"The mask sits nicely on my face, and I agree that it is breathable. I also like how it doesn't interrupt my speaking. Just if anyone wears this mask with makeup, beware of the stains."

Vivian Chong

"I feel very comfortable wearing It with its adjustable strap and can just let it hang on my neck if I'm not wearing it, and very breathable. Really satisfy with the product."

Raihanah Mohamad Nor

"It's come in my favorite color - pink and hijab friendly. It has an adjustable strap, so | can adjust the strap according to my preference. The fabric is also so soft. So no Irritation to my skin."

Farah Ain

"The material is very soft, breathable, comfortable to wear, and gentle to the skin. It provides a triple layer of protection and Is designed with a fiber filter layer in the middle to help to protect from any pathogens."

Azeera Hashim

"So far, this mask meets my expectations. It has soft cotton material, thick as it comes with triple protection. It is designed with a fiber filter layer in the middle. Comes with an adjustable strap that is hijab-friendly. Nicely shaped even you breathe."

Aziah Jait

"This is my first time using a fabric face mask. Surprisingly, I like it. It is like the fact that it is washable up to 100x means I can save up to 100 disposable masks - less waste and environmental-friendly. Be sure to wash It every day because it can be worn for up to 24 hours only."

Anis Amiera

"The material is very comfy, and the adjustable loops are a definite plus point. The fashionable grey color Is also versatile to pair with all sorts of outtits."

Lee Yee Mei

"Shout out to Bae Hanna for this Self Sanitizing Anti-Microbial fabric mask! Mine is in shade using advanced silver-ion technology from Europe and formulated with a unique fabric and effective barrier against harmful microbes’ growth, and offers protection through the lifespan (100 washes) of the product."

Zaimah Rubaai

"This is the latest product from Bae hanna, a Self Sanitizing Antimicrobial Face Mask lab tested to kill up to 99.9% of microbes. Using Its advanced silver-ion technology from Europe and enhanced protection provides a powerful barrier against harmful microbes with 3 layers of protection. In short, helps to prevent bacterial on the mask, but remember to wash after every usage ya."

Sherlyn Chew